SPEC 1- Collins Family moves in to their new home from Canada and not only do they have to adapt to a new school but they also have to adapt with their crazy new neighbor. Think a prequel. The neighbors before the neighbors. He’s too much to handle for this Canadian family.
SPEC 2- Interview set up. Jack Black as himself and he controls the environment with his writing. I.e. Randomly gives Christian a mustache. Chris commands and because of bad handwriting a totally different object appears.
1. Chris is a superhero trying to save a beautiful lady from Jack Black and his mysterious ways.
2. Or Jack Black is a chef at a restaurant and all these people start going missing one by one. Or in small groups
3.Or Jack black is gangster parading as a police officer.
There is a gold heist and he is off with the money. No one knows what happened. It’s like he never existed.